You said ‘it was on like donkey kong’ to her. That’s mine. That’s ours. It’s like we had nothing together. Like you have just erased me from your life…

Brunette. Gorgeous. 23. Mature student. The University of Cambridge. Lucy Cavendish Collage. English Lit. President of the Lucy Lashes, her collage’s drinking society. Firey. Intelligent. Has a tattoo of a heart on her ankle following a break up. She needs glasses, but wears contacts. Triages piercing. Lives about 2.5 hours away from you. Plays the same facebook game as you. Clearly really likes you. You clearly really like her. She’s perfect. I’m glad you could move on. Because Im not even half the girl she is, I couldn’t be half the girl she is. She is perfect for you. And I. I am not…. I was not.

"You can’t keep kissing strangers and pretend that it’s him."

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